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Some of the weddings I’ve had the privilege of shooting.

Rachel & Shawn 2019

Had a great time shooting this wedding – the couple was great and the whole day was one big celebration. The ceremony …

Kelsey & Jamie 2019

Was honored to be part of this wonderful celebration! It rained and we all got wet, and nobody cared!

Hazel & Jesse 2018

I didn’t shoot this wedding, I was a guest – but since the groom was my brother I brought my camera along …

Leah & Mark 2017

A wonderfully rustic wedding with a unique mix of country and elegance. A gorgeous couple, fantastic atmosphere and just a pleasure to …

Wight Wedding 2016

A warm, loving environment and a beautiful venue. This was a pleasure to shoot!

Kristen & Jay 2014

Kristen and Jay’s country- themed wedding was a fun mixture of  elegant dresses and cowboy boots! The ceremony was outside and the …

Brittany & John 2013

Was thrilled to be able to photograph my beautiful niece’s wedding in Nova Scotia this past summer!  

Laura & Steve 2013

We really enjoyed shooting this couple – my first Greek/Italian wedding!  Wonderful people that made us feel like part of the family!

Deborah & Greg 2013

A gorgeous day for a backyard wedding and then a photo shoot next to the water. Thanks to a wonderful couple for …

Alana & Lee 2012

Got to shoot this wedding at the Briars. Wonderful day for an outdoor wedding. Thanks for letting us share in your special …

Nancy & Kelly 2011

Beautiful church and a beautiful couple. Bright Sunshine and wildflowers!      

Laurie & Phil 2011

Carrie (my wife and photo assistant!) and I had  great time shooting this wedding last weekend at the Thornhill Golf and Country …

Vanessa & Derek 2011

Shot Vanessa and Derek’s wedding this weekend at Nottawasaga Inn.  A beautiful location.  It was an unseasonably cold day, but it didn’t …

Courtney & Erich 2010

A winter wedding – despite the cold we had a wonderful time at this outdoor chapel and photo shoot in the snow

Shelley & Ian 2009

Shot this one for good friends in Nova Scotia. Couldn’t ask for a cuter couple!  

Louise & Chris 2009

Shot at Fantasy Farm in Toronto – despite a downpour just before the ceremony. Great couple and lots of fun.

Amanda & Christopher 2008

Amanda was a former student of mine. She was the only Knowles I ever taught, then she got married and changed her …

Lisa & Keegan 2007

One of my first weddings. Lisa is now an excellent wedding photographer herself – working out West! I get to work with …

Becky & James 2006

Another beautiful bride from the Wight family! I have photographed 3 of their weddings!